American Made, Real Steel Smokers by Brocmar Smokehouse

Our mission was simple…

Design the one smoker to rule them all, old-school meets new-school, something amateurs and BBQ Champions alike would covet. They said it couldn’t be done, but our one of a kind Cletus™ design proves you can indeed have it all; hardwood log and/or pellet fueled? Roger that. Charcoal? Check. Electronic and Manual pellet hopper feed system? Yep. Heavy-duty, made in the USA construction? 10-4. In fact, it’s built like a brick ‘S-house,’ except its heavy-gauge last-a-lifetime US steel. It took my lifetime and over 30 years of BBQ Pitmaster and Pit Builder know-how and innovation to develop this no-shortcuts, genuine competition quality design, free of the hassles and headaches I experienced with other units over my professional BBQ career.

All Smoke, No Mirrors.

Each Cletus™ Dual Purpose Pellet & Off-set Smoker is handcrafted in the USA by Expert BBQ Pitmasters and Pit Builders using heavy-gauge US steel construction and comes equipped with the latest electronic BBQ tech for a masterful blend of craftsmanship, experience, science, and red-blooded American Pride.

Our unique dual design provides the ease of using a wood pellet or stick burner. Simultaneously, the innovative reverse air-flow system evenly distributes gorgeous smoky deliciousness and heat across the cooking surface. Too good to be true, you say? Yeah, we get that a lot.


List of Features / Dimensions / Details:

  • 864 sq. in. total cooking area
  • Overall Dimensions: 45″H x 69″L x 36″W
  • Smoker Dimensions: 36″ x 24″
  • Wood Fire Box Dimension: 18″ x 18″
  • Net Weight: 300 lbs.
  • Fits a whole 65 lb. hog or up to four 18 lb. whole briskets

List of Features / Dimensions / Details:

  • 1,769 sq. in. total cooking area
  • Overall Dimensions: 69″H x 80″L x 42″W
  • Smoker Dimensions: 36″ x 42″
  • Wood Fire Box Dimension: 20″ x 20″
  • Net Weight: 500 lbs.
  • Fits a whole 75 lb. hog or up to seven 18 lb. whole briskets


  • Smoke setting and grill setting
  • Stainless Steel Stay Cool Handles
  • 36,000 BTU output
  • OLED Graphic Display
  • 15-minute shut down cycle
  • High Temperature rubber grommets on all wire ports prevents wire chafing


  • Under the Hood (Smoker Body):
    • Heavy duty steel sliding heat deflectors
    • Heavy duty steel drip pans
    • Upgraded 9-hole burn pot
  • Included in the Box:
    • Fully Assembled Smoker
    • Two (2) 4-foot Meat Temperature Probes
    • One (1) 6-foot RTD Temperature Probe
  • Temperature Control:
    • Temperature Range: 160ºF – 450ºF in 5º increments
    • 500ºF Max Temperature
    • Low end smoke setting for temperatures below 200ºF
    • Automatically runs start up cycle when temperature is below 145ºF
    • Smart PID controller regulates set temperature within 5ºF – 10ºF
    • FREE Lifetime firmware updates from Smoke Daddy Inc., guaranteed
  • Fire Box (Offset Smoking):
    • Easy slide out ash pan in fire box
    • Charcoal Grate in fire box
    •  Dual Stack Reverse Flow Draft with heavy duty isolation dampers
  • Pellet (Pellet Smoking):
    • Large Pellet Hopper Capacity (35 lb.)
    • Pellet Dump for easy pellet removal
    • Manual pellet feed option
    • Heavy Duty .52 Amp Pellet Auger Motor
    • Hot flash ceramic ignition system
  • Construction Features:
    • Smoker Wall Firebox Thickness: 3/16” American Made Plate Steel
    • Heavy duty slide out/removable expanded steel grate
    • Mounted to durable steel wheels and swivel casters
    • Probe port hole to prevent wire damage
  • Power Source:
    • 110v AC GFCI outlet (NEC compliant safety standard)Fuel:
    • Pellet Smoker side runs on 100% natural hardwood pellets
    • Offset Smoker side runs on dry, clean hardwoods and charcoal
  • Getting Started:
    • Use approximately 3 – 5 pounds of charcoal in the firebox to get it started and then add your favorite wood chunks or split logs. Recommended log size is 10 – 14 inches.
Smokers that Adapt to Your Needs and Lifestyle. Not the Other Way Around

Why do the other guys make it so hard to choose a smoker? Let’s face it, a good quality smoker is an investment, but who knows where the craft is going to take you? Today’s beginner could very well become tomorrow’s BBQ Champion. But, let’s not forget about those guys & gals in between, the serious weekend warriors looking for competition flavors without the time commitment? We designed Cletus™ smokers to consider and excel in all these use cases. Want to go old-school full manual and make a day of it? Have at it. Need to mow the lawn or get caught up on some work and rely on a little help from the automated electronics? Sure thing. How about the best of both worlds with a hardwood/charcoal and pellet combination smoke? Bring it on. No matter your use case, experience level, lifestyle, or time commitment, Cletus™ adapts to your barbecue session changes, whenever and wherever in the cooking process you need it.

You Want One, Don’t You?

For more information contact us at 1.888.487.1223, press 1 for product sales, or email us at with the Cletus™ smoker model you’re interested in and get in the ‘Cue today.
Because We Give a Damn: 

Each Cletus™ Smoker proudly displaying the Brocmar Smokehouse logo is backed by our industry leading 5-year “We’ll Make It Right” warranty. Pellet hopper to the firebox, you’re covered by a company that believes in the brotherhood and sisterhood of barbecue. You simply will not find another barbecue pit manufacturer that is more confident in their build than Brocmar Smokehouse.