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A capacity chart for the Cletus 3.0 grill

“Because We Give a Damn: Each Cletus™ Smoker proudly displaying the Brocmar Smokehouse logo is backed by our industry leading 5-year “We’ll Make It Right” warranty. Pellet hopper to the firebox, you’re covered by a company that believes in the brotherhood and sisterhood of barbecue. You simply will not find another barbecue pit manufacturer that is more confident in their build than Brocmar Smokehouse”

Cletus 3.0


Product Details:

  • Combination offset & pellet smoker
  • 35 lb. Capacity Hopper Assembly
  • 864 sq. in. total cooking area
  • Overall Dimensions: 45″H x 69″L x 36″W
  • Smoker Dimensions: 36″ x 24″
  • Wood Fire Box Dimensions: 18” x 18”
  • 36,000 BTU from the Pellet Feeder w/ 9 hole fire pot
  • WIFI / Bluetooth controller w/ 6 temperature probe ports
    (Two complimentary food probes included)
  • External Stainless Steel Heat Baffle and Sear Plate Adjustment Handles
  • Smart controller regulates set temperature within 5ºF – 10ºF
  • Temperature Range: 160ºF – max of 600ºF
  • Net Weight: 350 lbs.

Upgrades for 3.0

  • Custom Smoker Lid Color…. $50
    *Provide us with a RAL# (such as your favorite professional or college team color) and we’ll match it!
  • Second shelf cooking shelf (adds 596 sq. in. of cooking area)….$200
  • Charcoal & wood fire basket…. $120
  • Additional food probes for controller…. $15 each
  • 3.0 Custom Brocmar Smokers logo cover…. $350
  • Smoke setting and grill settings
  • Stainless Steel Stay Cool Handles
  • 36,000 BTU output
  • WIFI / Bluetooth pellet controller with six (6) individual temperature charting and programing  options
  • 15-minute shut down cycle

Under the Hood (Smoker Body):

  • Heavy duty steel sliding heat deflectors with two independent exterior slide handles for  manual deflector / sear plate adjustments
  • Heavy duty steel drip pans
  • 9-hole burn pot with raised auger feed location to prevent burn backs
  • Removable heat diffuser over pellet fire pot

Included in the Box:

  • Fully Assembled Smoker (if shipped dual smokestacks will ship loose)
  • Two (2) 4-foot Meat Temperature Probes (6 probe capacity)
  • One (1) 6-foot RTD Temperature Probe

Temperature Control:

  • Temperature Range: 180ºF – 550ºF
  • 600ºF Max Temperature (varies per unit)
  • Smart controller regulates set temperature within 5ºF – 10ºF
  • Cloud based firmware updates, guaranteed

Fire Box (Offset Smoking):

  • Easy slide out ash pan in fire box
  • Easy slide out wood and charcoal grate
  • Dual Stack Reverse Flow Draft with heavy duty isolation dampers

Getting Started:

  • Use approximately 3 – 5 pounds of charcoal in the firebox to get it started and then add your favorite wood chunks or split logs. Recommended log size is 10 – 14 inches.

Pellet (Pellet Smoking):

  • Large Pellet Hopper Capacity (35 lb.)
  • Pellet Dump for easy pellet removal
  • Manual pellet feed option
  • Heavy Duty .52 Amp Pellet Auger Motor
  • Hot flash ceramic ignition system

Construction Features :

  • Smoker Wall Firebox Thickness: 3/16” American Made Plate Steel
  • Heavy duty slide out/removable expanded steel grate shelves
  • Painted with high temperature heat treated powder coating paint
  • Mounted to durable steel wheels and swivel casters
  • Two (2) temperature probe port holes to prevent wire damage

Power Source:

  • 110v AC GFCI outlet (NEC compliant safety standard) Fuel:
  • Pellet Smoker side runs on 100% natural hardwood pellets
  • Off set runs on charcoal, wood splits, or wood chunks