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“Handcrafted, Made in the USA, Small Batch, BBQ Rubs and Seasoning, Small Batch BBQ Sauces and the nations ONLY Patent Pending Combination Pellet & Offset Smokers”


Based on Granddaddy’s original recipes, our sauces are made with real ingredients and spices. Just take a look at our bottle, those are real spices in there! Whether you prefer something sweet, spicy, or tangy – our BBQ sauce collection offers a little bit of everything, and while we made our sauces for BBQ, you’ll find an excuse to put them on everything from pizza, to mac & cheese. Taste them all, y’all.

What’s your rub ritual…some spice, a little heat, a little sweet? Whether it’s a salty or sugary base you’re looking for, our dry rubs make for a beautiful bark that makes you howl for more! Heck, these spice blends are so flavorful they make Veggies sing.