Grill’n McMillian Tailgate Trio – Boom 3.0 & Cook’n with Clara & Soot’n and Boot’n 5.0oz Kitchen Shaker Bottles


  • One 5oz shaker bottle of Boom 3.0 that is NFL Alumni Mark McMillians gridiron to grill seasoning blend. It is the first spice Mark created for his signature series of spices and rubs. Like his life in the NFL, the spice shows his drive and passion for that perfect bite.
  • One 5oz shaker bottle of Cook’n with Clara that is a seasoning blend captures the soul of my Mama Clara’s Sunday family dinner. This unique all-purpose seasoning blend brings out the love in food that combines the depth of down-home flavor with the love and passion you could taste in her cooking.
  • One 5oz shaker bottle of Soot’n and Boot’n that is a special blend, named after Mark’s grandfather, combines his hard work, love, and passion on and off the grill! Full of flavor starting with sweet and smokey notes and building for that big heat finish. It will test your backyard taste buds!
  • Shake generously on meats or whatever your lil heart desires
  • Gluten Free, No MSG
  • Made in the US


Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 3 in


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This is a great combo pack of gridiron to grill to bring the big show to your plate . These three rubs will provide a variation of flavor for the entire family to enjoy while bringing the BOOM to all your backyard dishes.

Country candy is a sweet and smokey blend of salt, spices and brown sugar with just a touch of heat that goes well with Pork, Turkey, Chicken, Seafood, Veggies, Venison. Moo Cow Mojo is a spicy all purpose blend of salt, spices and heat to add lip-smackin’ flavoring to beef, pork, lamb, chicken, veggies, wild game, and seafood. Mix the two together and create your own level of heat and sweetness for a rub we call sweet heat. Sweet heat is a great combination on ribs, pork, chicken and beef. Our recommended ratio for sweet heat is three parts country candy to one part Moo Cow Mojo.

Every time you barbecue, its more than just a way to prepare food; its becomes a memorable experience. We have always said, amazing food is a fastest way to someone’s sole. Food is family, we want to welcome you to ours.

We have created the perfect barbecue experience as a compliment to the great southern hospitality and home cooking, so that you too can taste the passion from our kitchen to yours.