BBQr’s Delight Real Wood Pellets – 20 lbs Bag


BBQr’s Delight Pellet Grill Fuel works on ANY pellet-fired outdoor cooker! In 20 lb. bags, there’s plenty to fill your pellet hopper. These pellets are 100% wood, oak blended with flavor wood sawdust. Oak provides consistent, clean-burning heat for optimum cooking performance

The ONLY barbeque wood pellet that’s 100% flavorwood! These food-grade wood pellets are the fastest and easiest way to give your food smoke flavor on any gas, charcoal or electric outdoor cooker.

  • 100% all natural and pure flavor wood – no filler wood dust to dilute the smoke flavor
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • No soaking prior to use
  • Seals meat with smoke flavor, retaining natural juices
  • Works on any outdoor cooker


Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 6 in
Pellet Flavor

Hickory, Pecan, Oak, Apple, Cherry, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Contest Mix


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Pellets are a unique form of natural wood. When pellets are made, all of the air within the cellular structure of the wood is evacuated, thus concentrating the wood into a very dense form, much denser than the natural tree. As compared to other wood flavor enhancers, pellets will yield a more intense smoke more quickly which seals the food, locking in natural moisture and adding smoke flavor exactly when it’s needed.  BBQr’s Delight pellets are 100% wood, no chemicals, oils or other additives!